Tips on Chinese Visa Application (11.16)
2023-11-16 21:41

To further facilitate applicants applying Chinese visa from Chinese Consulate General in Mumbai through Chinese Visa Application Service Center in Mumbai, several kind tips are reminded as follows:

I. Submit your applications anytime as needed

There is no daily quota anymore for visa application appointments by applicants from our consular jurisdiction area. Applicants can make online appointments for submitting visa applications on any working day. Starting from November 20, 2023, the requirement for appointment will be removed and applicants can directly submit application documents at the Visa Center on any working day.

II. Accept all applications meeting requirements

The Visa Center will accept all visa applications that meet the application requirements on the same day. Starting from November 20, 2023, the daily quota for applications will be removed. The Visa Center will accept all applications submitted within the due time limit.

III. Service choice up to applicants

Applicants can choose the type of counter service by themselves. For qualified visa applications, the processing period by the Consulate General is usually 3 working days (for express application) and 4 working days (for regular application). VIP service is a third party service offered by the Visa Center. The content of the VIP service is subject to the Visa Center, and is NOT related to the issuance of visas by the Consulate General or the processing time.

IV. Fee Charges for Visas

Fee charges for visas by the Consulate General include visa fees and express fees, please refer to the Consulate General website for Fee Charges for Visas & Consular Services.


For any other fees incurred, they will be charged for services by the Visa Center or agencies.

Remark: As to the consular jurisdiction areas of Chinese Consulate General in Mumbai, please refers to

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