Chinese Consulate General Holds China-India Youth Exchange Activity
2023-05-18 19:11

On May 14th, Chinese Consulate General in Mumbai held a China-India youth exchange activity. Young Indian writers, journalists, historians and friends from different sectors sat together with young Chinese diplomats and exchanged ideas about cooperation and friendship.

Consul General Kong Xianhua welcomed the Indian friends to join the event and said that energetic and open-minded young people are the future of countries and nations. China and India have long friendship of thousands of years. The exchange of Chinese and Indian civilizations have enriched each other and made them the pearl of human civilization. Now China and India are both at the critical stage of development and marching on the road to national rejuvenation. Young people in China and India will be the major powerhouse of this historical course. Mr. Kong wished that Chinese and Indian young people learn from each other to promote understanding, hold high the torch of friendship and work together to enhance joint development and lead the rise of Asia.

Indian friends present expressed their appreciation for the invitation and the opportunity. They said that China has rich experience in areas like poverty alleviation and digitization where China and India should enhance cooperation. Understanding and exchanges are the foundation of friendship. New generation of Indian young people are curious and interested about China who wish to go to China to know more about China and strengthen people-to-people exchange.

Chinese and Indian friends also made dumplings and tasted Chinese food together.

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