Wang Yi Meets with German Chancellor's Foreign and Security Policy Advisor Jens Plötner
2024-02-23 21:51

On February 23, 2024, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with German Chancellor's Foreign and Security Policy Advisor Jens Plötner in Beijing.

Wang Yi said, China and Germany are the world's second and third largest economies as well as major countries with a world influence, and bilateral relations have global significance beyond the bilateral scope. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the establishment of an all-round strategic partnership between China and Germany. Under the current situation, stabilizing and developing China-Germany relations will not only bring more benefits to the two countries and the two peoples but also inject more stability and provide more certainty to the world. China is willing to further strengthen communication with Germany, consolidate strategic mutual trust, deepen cooperation, and promote the stable development of bilateral relations.

Wang Yi pointed out that China and Germany are partners with great potential for cooperation, and the development of the two countries is an opportunity, not a challenge, for each other. The two sides should adhere to the correct perception and view and develop bilateral relations from a long-term and strategic perspective. The two countries should insist on mutual benefit and win-win results, and continue to promote practical cooperation based on an open attitude, rational spirit, and market principles, so as to boost the economic development of the two countries and promote the sustained recovery of the global economy. The two countries should stick to seeking common ground while shelving differences, focus on cooperation, make the pie of cooperation bigger, and properly resolve the differences amid common progress and development. The two countries should uphold solidarity and coordination, oppose bloc confrontation, reject protectionism, and refrain from ditching China in the name of "de-risking" and promote the sound and stable development of China-EU relations. China and Germany should encourage the international community to strengthen solidarity and coordination, improve global governance, and make positive contributions to world stability, development and prosperity.

Plötner said Germany attaches great importance to the development of its relations with China, speaks positively of the economic and trade cooperation between the two countries, and recognizes and praises China's development achievements. The German side is glad to see China playing a more important role in the world. Germany hopes to strengthen strategic dialogue with China, further expand cooperation in various fields, and jointly promote the global green transition, so as to make new contributions to tackling climate change and promoting world peace and development, and realize mutual benefits and win-win results.

The two sides also had an exchange of views on the Ukraine crisis, the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and other international and regional issues of mutual interest and concern.

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